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Custom Designed Zagbag Board- Starting at $159.95!

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Ray, the creator and founder of Zagbag Board, is a master wood worker. Whatever the theme or vision you’re looking for, he will bring it to life! You can check out some of his handy work in this picture gallery.

Design one for your company, family, as a wedding gift, for a special loved one or member of the family. You can use team colors, pictures, graphics and Ray will suggest his own artistic spin on things to make YOUR Zagbag board a fun keepsake that can be cherished for a lifetime. Prices start at $159.95.

For a consultation for designing your own, one of a kind Zagbag Board give us a call at 704-322-1906 or email at [email protected] today!

All Zagbag boards are hand-crafted, unique, one of a kind and made to order. They’re constructed of solid ¾” plywood for durability and a coat of poly acrylic is also applied for a shiny, lasting finish. 

Your Zagbag Board game can be played indoors or outdoors, on the floor, tabletop or even hung on the wall for a safer version of darts!

Each board has removable legs for easy storage. One set of long legs is included for on the floor or ground play. One set of short legs is included for tabletop play.

**All boards with lighting include a 9 Volt battery pack. If you would like an AC Adaptor you need to purchase it with your board so an outlet can be installed in the board when it is constructed. You can add one to the cart here.

Official set of 8 Zagbags, 4 black and 4 gray are included w/ board purchase.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for all orders as each board is made to order.

Made in Albemarle, NC,  USA

Get your printable scoring sheets here!

Review game rules here!

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