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Team "Z" - 4 players

* Choose game option to play

* The youngest player starts the game. Then play passes on in age order.

* Players determine Zagbag color to play

* Players aged 6 and over should stand 6 feet away. Players under aged 6 can stand from 4 to 5 feet away.

* Each team player gets 2 bags a piece to play.

* Following a “Z” formation. First player tosses the Zagbag and if the Zagbag is successfully tossed into the appropriate hole the player continues to toss into the next designated hole. If the player misses their team mate will try on their 2 turns.

* The red holes are the bonus holes and are played after completing the “Z" formation.

* Teams continue play until 1,000 points or 2,000 points are made.

* If at the end of the round there is a tie. The players must start from the formation being played and toss their 4 Zagbags one at a time and count their scores for the winner.

*** CAUTION: If a Zagbag lands in a hole other than the hole that should be played points are deducted. Example: Trying for the pink right corner hole the Zagbag lands in the middle yellow hole – deduct 100 or 200 points.