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My Name is
Ray Campelo

My name is Ray Campelo and I currently reside in Albemarle, North Carolina with my wife, Stella and three boys Henry (16), Austin (14), and Cooper (10). I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. My passions and interests have always been spending time with family and friends, building and creating with wood, and camping. As a young boy growing up my grandfather was a big influence on me and he sparked my interest and knowledge with different wood working projects. I also come from a large family and extended family that had many get togethers that always involved activities and our own invented games.

As a father of 3 young boys, my wife and I like to plan and include the boys in family fun and activities. While on camping trips, besides the planned sight-seeing or on site activities, we like to have family game time together. That’s where the idea for the Zagbag Board game originated. With an initial concept and a dream I solicited the help from my wife and sons to make this game a reality.

I consider my son Henry, the hands on helper. He is good at taking direction, wanting to learn how to operate and construct projects. Austin is the observer and the researcher. He takes a step back to see the possibilities. Cooper is my game tester, if an active 5 year old can hold interest in a game I know it is a game for all to enjoy. My wife, Stella is the designer of the Zagbag Board logo that is both eye catching and bold.

In the world today where face to face communication is at a minimum due to electronics, the internet and media overload, I wanted to design a game that brought family and friends back together again. I wanted to have families, want to be together . A time to talk, have fun and laugh and enjoy the time to make memories. Also, to build a stronger family bond and a safe base to communicate, share and have fun.

I am a firm believer of, “A family that plays together, stays together."


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