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You are going to have a lot of questions and we want you to immediately be able to get the answers.

Zagbag Board is a very simple, but highly addictive game. Should you have any questions about its delivery, construction, distribution or just game play itself, please consult the below FAQs. If you don’t find the answer below, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Although we are similar to cornhole, Zagbag Board is NOT cornhole!
  2. Only need ONE Zagbag Board to play the game.
  3. There are seven holes to challenge your skill level. 5 holes that are 4 inches in
    diameter and 2 holes that are 3 inches in diameter.
  4. The game has 8 Zagbags that are 2 inches square that you toss into the holes.
  5. The Zagbag Board has 2 sets of legs (the original long legs and also a new set of short legs) so you can set-up your Zagbag Board in several different positions for a variety of playing options.
    A) Standing upright on the floor or table (long side legs)
    B) Laying down on the floor or table (short legs)
    C) Hanging on the wall (short legs)
  6. By Hanging the Zagbag Board on the wall it is a “Safe” version of Darts!
  7. By Standing the Zagbag Board upright on a table it can be used for physical therapy, for the young and old alike, as well as another option for skill building in regular play.
  8. By standing the Zagbag Board on the ground, smaller children seem to like this way best, they only have to stand approximately 5 feet away and can still make the Zagbags into the holes. Adults you have to stand back a little further!!
  9. By laying the Zagbag Board down on the floor or table it changes the position of the
    holes and adds another challenging dimension to playing the game.
  10. Zagbag Board can be played indoors or outdoors.
  11. It only weighs approximately 18 lbs. so it is easy to transport to events like family
    reunions and church functions.
  12. Zagbag Board fills hours of fun when you are camping or tailgating. We even have
    a standing base for the Zagbag Board, it is called a Zceiver, that slides into your vehicle’s 2”x 2” hitch.
  13. You can buy a Zagbag Board on our website or on Etsy and Amazon.
  14. Zagbag Boards can be custom made just for you. Check out our website
  15. Rules on Scoring for Zagbag Board come with the game and also can be found on
    our website. But what is the BEST about Zagbag Board is that however you play the
    game, you can come up with your own rules, just remember Zagbag Board was created to HAVE FUN!!!!

“A Family that Playz together, Stayz together”